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 Movie Trailer Project (Telecom 1)

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PostSubject: Movie Trailer Project (Telecom 1)   Movie Trailer Project (Telecom 1) EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 11:43 am

Term 2 Project for Telecommunications 1

Students must work in groups to create a movie trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist (and probably never will). Each group will need to choose a movie genre and create a trailer for a story that fits that category of film. The final products should be funny, even if the genre your group chooses is not a comedy. For example, “Love’s Wild” was not supposed to be a funny movie, but rather a “chick flick,” yet it was hilarious because they captured so many elements typically seen in that style of film.

So what makes a good trailer?

As one editing company’s creative director put it, “The trailer should always be better than the movie.” In other words, the editor of the trailer has the chance to take the best moments, lines, scenes, shots, etc. from the actual film and present it often with almost any score/soundtrack he or she wants (as long as the studio can afford the royalties). So even if the movie itself isn’t a phenomenal film, a trailer can often make it look good.

When editing actual movie trailers, an important rule would be to “explain the premise without giving everything away.” However, we are making trailers for movies that will never actually exist, so you won’t have to worry about revealing too much in your videos. Nevertheless, you should still be sure to focus on the first part of that rule and establish a clear premise for your fake film.

In technical terms, you will likely use lots of shots and quick cuts to keep your audience interested and engaged. The bottom line with your mission here is that when the trailer is over, your audience should want to see the film (or at least wish that it existed).

Here’s how the project will work:

GROUP CRITERIA: Groups may be made up of 2-5 students each (6 may be considered if you sell me on the need/purpose of it in an individual case). No student will be allowed to work alone on this project. Part of the goal with this project is to encourage collaborative work.

This project is due by 1:47 p.m. on Friday January 15th, 2016.

(20) Captures appropriate elements/conventions of chosen film genre
(20) Includes 4 or more shots off campus from MHS
(20) Creative, attention-getting camera angles
(15) Quality camera work (steady, well-framed shots)
(15) Effective and appropriate audio clarity/mixing
(10) Is no more than 2:30 in length

Trailers can and should be completed throughout the term. Once trailers are submitted, they will be either broadcast or “shelved.” Multiple trailers that end up “shelved” may end up airing on the show and/or being posted online, but we don’t want to burn our audience out on movie trailers either, so in some cases we will wait and see what we have to choose from at the end of the term before we select which trailers end up going on “Before the Bells.”
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Movie Trailer Project (Telecom 1)
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