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 Filming Schedule 2016-2017 --- Term 2

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Filming Schedule 2016-2017 --- Term 2 Empty
PostSubject: Filming Schedule 2016-2017 --- Term 2   Filming Schedule 2016-2017 --- Term 2 EmptyWed Nov 09, 2016 1:51 pm

All students must film 4 events during the school year. AT LEAST ONE of these events must be completed during 1st term, but students may complete their required 4 event filmings as quickly as they'd like. Once you film 4 events (even if you do it all during 1st term), your filming requirement is fulfilled for the year (though the points for filmings 2, 3, and 4 will be added into your respective averages for those terms). Any extra filming you do beyond the required 4 will be extra credit to help boost your grade.

Naturally, if students choose to work by the traditional pace of 1 event per term, that's fine too, but they must complete their 2nd filming by the end of 2nd term (and the 3rd filming by the end of 3rd term). The point of this new policy is to help motivated students complete their required filmings early if they wish, not to allow lazy students to blow off filming all year and try to cram 4 in during 4th term.

FRI 11/11 FOOTBALL v CM, 7
Eddie Weisser (top)
Caroline Cavallo (end zone)
Cole McKenzie (sideline) {T1}
Marina Montalto (sideline)
Julia Donovan (sideline)

SAT 11/12 JV FOOTBALL v Barnstable, 10am
Jake Devonshire {T1}

Caroline Howlett
Marina Montalto

Eddie Weisser
Caroline Cavallo

THU 11/24 FOOTBALL @ Duxbury, 10am
Eddie Weisser (top)
Caroline Cavallo (end zone)
Marina Montalto (sideline)
Heather Holland (sideline)
Caroline Cavallo (end zone)
Caroline Howlett (sideline)

FRI 12/2 MHS DRAMA: "Almost, Maine" 7pm
Julie Apgar
Cam Rodriguez

SAT 12/3 MHS DRAMA: "Almost, Maine" 7pm (**bring a camera)

Chris Cantwell
Ayesha Fatima

Rob Mayhew
Jared Pellegrino

SAT 12/10 GIRLS HOCKEY v Bishop Stang, 845 (**bring a camera)
Lauren Bracken

MON 12/12 TRACK v Nauset, Mashpee, etc., 530 (@ Reggie Lewis in Boston) (**bring a camera)
Rob Cove III
Mike MacKay
Jeff Todd
Joe Joyce

MON 12/12 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Fontbonne, 630 (**bring a camera)
Shane McGloin
Josh Eastman

WED 12/14 BOYS HOCKEY v Xaverian, 610
Cole McKenzie
Jack McNeil
Gio Luciani

WED 12/14 WRESTLING v Brockton, 7 (**bring a camera)
Marina Montalto
Brody Reynolds
Sophia Damon

FRI 12/16 GYMNASTICS v Hanover, 630 (**bring a camera)
Melissa Keenan
Lauretta Grant

SAT 12/17 WRESTLING v Quad Meet, 930 (**bring a camera)
Vinny Napolitano
Matt Gorman

SAT 12/17 BOYS HOCKEY v Barnstable, 650 (**bring a camera)
Rob Cove III
John Fahey
Connor Scribner

SAT 12/17 GIRLS HOCKEY v Sandwich, 845 (**bring a camera)
Brady Kelley
Kevin Prendergast
Eddie Everett

MON 12/19 TRACK v Sandwich, 530 (@ Reggie Lewis in Boston) (**bring a camera)
Charlie Graziano
Mike MacKay

TUE 12/20 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Barnstable, 630
Christian Friedel
Jake Paress
Chris McLeod
Jacob Qualter

TUE 12/20 GYMNASTICS v Notre Dame, 715 (**bring a camera)
Melissa Keenan
Lauretta Grant

THU 12/22 BOYS BASKETBALL v Brockton, 630
Noah Gilmore
Ruari Hume

FRI 12/23 WRESTLING v Quad Meet, 4 (***bring a camera)

FRI 12/23 GYMNASTICS v Pembroke, 630 (***bring a camera)

FRI 12/30 BOYS BASKETBALL v Scituate, 1 (***bring a camera)

SAT 12/31 BOYS HOCKEY v Hingham, 5 (***bring a camera)

SAT 12/31 GIRLS HOCKEY v Pembroke, 650 (***bring a camera)

TUE 1/3 BOYS BASKETBALL v Sandwich, 630
Tyler Hoffman
Owen Coleman
Vinny Lalli

WED 1/4 WRESTLING v Nauset, 7
Paige Maier
Sarah Boisvert
Neeve Prendergast

FRI 1/6 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Nauset, 630
Meghan Doyle
Lauren Bracken
James Kennedy
Grace Dixon

SAT 1/7 BOYS HOCKEY v Nauset, 5 (**bring a camera)
Jake Devonshire

MON 1/9 TRACK v Falmouth, 530 (@ Reggie Lewis in Boston) (**bring a camera)
Riley McCarthy
Tyler Hoffman

TUE 1/10 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Notre Dame, 630
Grace Middleton
Hayley Barnhard
Kaylee O'Connor

WED 1/11 WRESTLING v Somerset Berkley, 7
Bobby Dalton
Andrew Horan
Brody Reynolds

FRI 1/13 BOYS BASKETBALL v Falmouth, 630
Cole Barrows
Riley McCarthy
Caroline Place
Cole Alexanderson

FRI 1/13 GYMNASTICS v Falmouth, 630 (**bring a camera)
Leah Strazdes
Brenna Roberts

SAT 1/14 BOYS HOCKEY v Falmouth, 5 (**bring a camera)
Katherine Peddell
Rose MacKinnon
Rachael Dunn

SAT 1/14 GIRLS HOCKEY v Bourne, 650 (**bring a camera)
Hassan Soufan

MON 1/16 BOYS HOCKEY @ Duxbury, 210 (@ The Bog rink in Kingston) (**bring a camera)
Shannon Flaherty
Aidan Burchill
Mike Catanoso
Kyle Osis
Danny Hickey

Mikayla Young
Ryan Zaslaw
Brighid Foley
Grace McGettrick
Isa Cunio

FRI 1/20 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Sandwich, 630
Eddie Byrne
David Geddes
Kelsey Birkmeyer
Nikki Corbo

SAT 1/21 BOYS HOCKEY v Sandwich, 310
Jack Dumke
TJ Noonan
Angela Murray
Alyssa Cafarelli

SAT 1/21 GIRLS HOCKEY v Hingham, 5
Eddie Everett
Lauren Marchioni
Myles McCabe
Jacob Qualter

******************END TERM 2 ... START TERM 3******************

MON 1/23 TRACK v D-Y, 530 (@ Reggie Lewis in Boston) (**bring a camera)
Jeff Todd {T2}

TUE 1/24 BOYS BASKETBALL v Nauset, 630
Tynan St. Peter {T2}

TUE 1/24 GYMNASTICS v Barnstable, 715 (**bring a camera)
Elisa Maggiani
James Kennedy

WED 1/25 WRESTLING v Shawsheen Valley Tech, 7

FRI 1/27 GYMNASTICS v Carver, 630 (**bring a camera)

FRI 1/27 BOYS BASKETBALL v Methuen, 7
Brenna Roberts
Leah Strazdes

SAT 1/28 GIRLS HOCKEY v D-Y, 845 (**bring a camera)

TUE 1/31 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Falmouth, 630

FRI 2/3 BOYS BASKETBALL v D-Y, 630 (**bring a camera)

FRI 2/3 GYMNASTICS v Cohasset, 630 (**bring a camera)

SAT 2/4 BOYS HOCKEY v D-Y, 5 (**bring a camera)

SAT 2/4 GIRLS HOCKEY v Nauset, 845 (**bring a camera)

MON 2/6 BOYS HOCKEY v Weymouth, 4

SAT 2/11 BOYS HOCKEY v Medfield, 5 (**bring a camera)

SAT 2/11 GIRLS HOCKEY v Martha's Vineyard, 650 (@ The Bog rink in Kingston) (**bring a camera)

TUE 2/14 BOYS BASKETBALL v Barnstable, 630

FRI 2/17 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Brockton, 630 (**bring a camera)

SAT 2/18 GIRLS HOCKEY v Falmouth, 645 (**bring a camera)

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Filming Schedule 2016-2017 --- Term 2
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