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 Term 2 Good Look Piece Tracking

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PostSubject: Term 2 Good Look Piece Tracking   Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:34 am

F Block

Cooking Classes - McKenna, Kylee, Amanda

Building Construction - Trevor, Jordyn, Ryan

Library Profile - Melissa, Caz, Colin

Nala Profile - Joey, Kaleigh, Emma

NHS profile (after school, community service, etc) - Ava, Bella, Jared

A Block

Texting & Driving - Brady, Heather, Mikayla

Green Team - Paige, Alyssa, Melissa

Girl Up thumbs up  - Jack, Elisa, Chris, Abby

Drama Club (Show Prep) - Lauren, Marina, Meghan

Peer Leaders - Hassan, Owen, Sarah

Behind the Scenes of MSB - Jesse, Sawyer, T.J.

Marshalairs Dana Farber Trip - Horan, Ryan, Lauretta

AFS Club - Sully, Grace, Jake

B Block

Lauren profile - Yvonne, Sabrina, Kelly

Ultimate Frisbee Team - Will, Thomas, Brendan

Officer Cleary profile - Magnus, Jason, Peggy

Acts of Kindness - Amelia, Mia, Aidan

Mr. Landry - Jon, Cam, Kate

Community Christmas - Cally, Jackson, Joe

Hockey Leaf Raking - Lilly, Paul, Nick

Youth Rugby story - Jack, Julia, Tim

D Block

Bullying PSA - Michaela, Josh, Matt, Conley

Special Needs Classrooms - Jack T, Melissa, Chloe, Colleen

Mrs. Burns profile - Jacob, Chris, Molly

Mr. Lux profile - Richard, Jack R, Aimee

E Block
Respect Round Table Discussion - Nate, Mitch, Bertone

Respect Video PSA - Shannon, Caroline, Kaylee

Importance of Staying Active (Exercise) - Ruairi, RCIII, Nevan

Science Lab(???) - Kevin, Angela, Hayley

Guidance Counselors - John, Sophia, Brody

Powder Puff - Isa, Jeff, Rose

Greenhouse - Mike, James, Tynan

Lou's Final Game - Brig, Hoff, Danny

Lunch Ladies Profile - Gio, Joe, Vinny
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Term 2 Good Look Piece Tracking
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