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 Good Look Piece -- Term 2 -- Topic Tracking

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PostSubject: Good Look Piece -- Term 2 -- Topic Tracking   Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:01 pm

GROUP 1, E block (Joey Chorzewski, Nick Collins, Matt McGrath)
Green Team 2018

GROUP 2, E block (Richard Clancy, Ava Magri, Molly Webber)
The Mirror

GROUP 3, E block (Emma Cady, Jordyn Cassetta, Jack Marcella)
Youth Rugby (revisited)

GROUP 4, E block (McKenna Hanlon, Magnus Leonard, Melissa Tranter)
Pride Week

GROUP 5, E block (Aidan Clougherty, Joey Pomella, Thomas Porter)
Wrestling (benefits of the sport) profile

GROUP 6, E block (Jeremy Edwards, Cam Lindquist, Timmy Pomella)
Nala (revisited)

GROUP 7, E block (Will Nicholson, Jack Tamulevich)
Gaming Club (revisited with emphasis on explanation/appeal of games)

GROUP 8, E block (Cas DaVeiga, Aidan Scribner)
Good Look Piece Coverage

GROUP 9, E block (Jake Lowe, Michael Vaillancourt)
Key Club profile

GROUP 10, A block (Kate Alexanderson, Ryan Curley, Jack Riordan)
DECA Mock Competition

GROUP 11, A block (Kaleigh Bell, Colin Cullivan, Andrew Fama)
Senior Class Advisors profile

GROUP 12, A block (Amanda Buckley, Fred Conway, Nolan Drew)
Mr. Gallagher

GROUP 13, A block (Jared Hardenbergh, Jacob Nash, Amelia Schollin)
Book Club (student-created club)

GROUP 14, A block (Brian Melvoen, Aimee Parenteau, Peggy Simonelli)
Domestic Violence Awareness (via Mrs. McGourty)

GROUP 15, A block (Trevor Perry-Gore, Cally Wyant)
Rams Cafe

GROUP 16, A block (Yvonne Barrowman, Mia Eastwood)
Drivers Ed at MHS

GROUP 17, B block (Jessi Calos, Aidan Durkin, Maggie Evans)
LOCKED IN - Custodians profile

GROUP 18, B block (Stephen Gerard, Bri Hastry, Caileigh Sullivan)
LOCKED IN - Music Department profile/overview

GROUP 19, B block (Andrew Cullen, Hannah Golden, Lauren Smith)
LOCKED IN - Senior student insight/advice

GROUP 20, B block (Cordelia Foster, Megan Murphy, Jack O'Donnell)
LOCKED IN - Lauren sequel (rehab, student feedback, etc.)

GROUP 21, B block (Kaela Leary, Timmy Mathisen, Brooke O'Leary)
LOCKED IN - Society of Mathematicians

GROUP 22, B block (Jill Gerard, Sam Reisman, Thomas Walton)
LOCKED IN - Unified Sports program profile

GROUP 23, B block (Audrey Keenan, Jacob Mahan, Jeff Thomas)
LOCKED IN - Telecom/BTB Behind the Scenes

GROUP 24, B block (Julia Dawber, Sarah Kelley, John Milano)
LOCKED IN - Mr. Battis profile

GROUP 25, D block (Joe Adams, Bryce McDonough, Phoebe Weinberg)
LOCKED IN - Peer Leaders profile

GROUP 26, D block (Camryn Albert, Tim Doyle, Cassidy Sargent)
LOCKED IN - Maker Space

GROUP 27, D block (Tobias Crawford, Faye Meehan, Robby Violissi)
LOCKED IN - InvenTeam

GROUP 28, D block (Jack Cronin, Charlie Kolar, Jessie O'Brien)
LOCKED IN - College Board Prep Class

GROUP 29, D block (Alex Gracia, Maddie Hobson, Gino Luciani)
LOCKED IN - Tech Ed class profiles

GROUP 30, D block (Jake Jackson, Ian Peck, Colby Webber)
LOCKED IN - Ms. Brandt profile

GROUP 31, D block (Mike Foohey, Jacob Leoffler, Josselyn Staffier)
LOCKED IN - Guidance Counselors

GROUP 32, D block (Ben LeBrun, Sophie Marcolini, Eamon Washburn)
LOCKED IN - Nurse/Health Services

GROUP 33, F block (Elio de Andrade, Arianna Flohr, Avery Johnson)
Elio/ELL students

GROUP 34, F block (Shane Brait, Brendan Hamill-O'Neil, Elisabeth Sweeney)
PE teachers profile

GROUP 35, F block (Jack DiPasquale, Julianna Lalli, Shelby Mills)
Boys Hockey team profile/preview/primer

GROUP 36, F block (Claire Keane, Jackie Picard, Pat Stanton)
Signing Day coverage

GROUP 37, F block (Kyle Bernabeo, Emmie Garneau, Eva Montalto)
LOCKED IN - Future Medical Professionals Club profile

GROUP 38, F block (Catie Lamond, Kevin Moriarty, Dan Waite)
Coach Flanagan profile

GROUP 39, F block (Jessie Caldwell, Billy Mankavech, Nate Moore)
Mrs. Burns' Flower Fridays

GROUP 40, F block (Callie Gilmore, Brett Mulvehill, Kelsey Sweeney)
ASL Club
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Good Look Piece -- Term 2 -- Topic Tracking
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