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 FILMING SCHEDULE 2017-2018 --- TERM 3

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PostSubject: FILMING SCHEDULE 2017-2018 --- TERM 3   Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:26 pm

All students must film 4 events during the school year. AT LEAST ONE of these events must be completed during 1st term, but students may complete their required 4 event filmings as quickly as they'd like. Once you film 4 events (even if you do it all during 1st term), your filming requirement is fulfilled for the year (though the points for filmings 2, 3, and 4 will be added into your respective averages for those terms). Any extra filming you do beyond the required 4 will be extra credit to help boost your grade.

Naturally, if students choose to work by the traditional pace of 1 event per term, that's fine too, but they must complete their 2nd filming by the end of 2nd term (and the 3rd filming by the end of 3rd term). The point of this policy is to help motivated students complete their required filmings early if they wish, not to allow lazy students to blow off filming all year and try to cram 4 in during 4th term.

***All events noted as "bring a camera" style filmings, mean that students must pick up a camera and tripod anytime after 1:30 on the day of the event (or the last day of school prior to the event). If someone on the film crew does not pick up a camera, everyone on the film crew will have to reschedule for another filming; failing to pick up a camera will result in no credit for all students signed up for the everyone might as well check in (personally or via text) to make sure that the person who planned to pick up the camera and tripod actually did so.

Here is the list as it stands to begin term 3...

WED 1/24 GIRLS HOCKEY v Nauset, 750 (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)
Lilly O'Sullivan
Amelia Schollin

WED 1/24 GYMNASTICS @ Carver (** bring a camera)
Cally Wyant
Kate Alexanderson

SAT 1/27 BOYS HOCKEY v St. John's, 5 (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)
Rose MacKinnon
Shannon Flaherty
Joey Chorzewski
Alyssa Cafarelli

TUES 1/30 BOYS BASKETBALL v Falmouth, 630 (** bring a camera)
Jon Allen
Aidan Scribner
Conley DeLeon
Cas DaVeiga

WED 1/31 WRESTLING v Boston Latin, 6 (** bring a camera)
Elisa Maggiani
Abby Varney

WED 1/31 BOYS HOCKEY v Falmouth, 610 (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)
Brendan DiRamio
Magnus Leonard
Jason Reardon
Colin Cullivan

FRI 2/2 GIRLS BASKETBALL v D-Y, 630 (** bring a camera)
McKenna Hanlon
Ava Magri

SAT 2/3 GIRLS HOCKEY v D-Y, 845 (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)

TUES 2/6 GIRLS BASKETBALL v East Bridgewater, 630 (** bring a camera)
Amanda Buckley
Kaleigh Bell
Jordyn Cassetta
Ava Magri
Melissa Tranter

TUES 2/6 JUNIOR PARENT COLLEGE INFO NIGHT, 7 (@ Furnace Brook Auditorium) (** bring a camera)
Ruairi Hume
Emma Cady

TUES 2/6 EVENING OF JAZZ, 7 (** bring a camera)
Shannon Flaherty
Mike MacKay
Sawyer Haddad

THURS 2/8 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Brockton, 630 (** bring a camera)
Michaela Robicheau
Melissa Wiejkus

Joe Joyce
Sophia Damon
Nate Bartlett

FRI 2/9 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Fontbonne, 630 (** bring a camera)
Ryan Curley
Brady Kelley
Kevin Prendergast
Nevan Costello

SAT 2/10 BOYS BASKETBALL v Nauset, 230 (** bring a camera)
Jack Dumke
Hassan Soufan
Kaylee O'Connor
James Kennedy

SAT 2/10 BOYS HOCKEY v B-R, 5 (senior film at 4:50) (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)
Jackson Phinney
Colin Cullivan
Meghan Doyle

SAT 2/10 GIRLS HOCKEY v Hingham, 845 (** bring a camera) (@ Hobomock Arena in Pembroke)
Jeff Todd
Chris Cantwell

TUES 2/13 GIRLS BASKETBALL v Barnstable, 630 (** bring a camera)
Kelly McNeil
Julia Ritcey
Bella Sherman
Kylee Comer

THURS 2/15 BOYS BASKETBALL v Falmouth, 630 (** bring a camera)
Cas DaVeiga
Michaela Robicheau
Melissa Wiejkus

SAT 2/17 BOYS BASKETBALL v Pembroke, 1 (** bring a camera)
Nick Collins
Vinny Lalli
Danny Hickey


FRI 3/9 GIRLS TRACK @ NATIONALS (** bring a camera)
Mr. K
Isa Cunio

FRI 3/23 MARTINSON TALENT SHOW, 6 (** bring a camera)
Richard Clancy
Jack Tamulevich
Jared Hardenbergh

MON 4/2 BASEBALL v Duxbury, 4 (** bring a camera)

TUE 4/3 BOYS LACROSSE v Sandwich, 4 (** bring a camera)

WED 4/4 BASEBALL v Sandwich, 4 (** bring a camera)
Molly Webber
Chris Bunker

THUR 4/5 GIRLS LACROSSE v Nauset, 5 (** bring a camera)

FRI 4/6 BASEBALL v Nauset, 5 (** bring a camera)

FRI 4/6 SOFTBALL v Nauset, 5 (** bring a camera)

********END TERM THREE ... BEGIN TERM FOUR********
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